Wednesday, August 8, 2012

July 30, 2012

Hey Everyone!
  That´s so cool that you all are in AZ!! That´s pretty brave for you guys to go out there during the Summer but it sounds like the weather isn´t too hot. I will definitely have to go and visit Tahnee and Tyler sometime so that I can visit some people in Chandler! So we did a bunch of traveling this week and only spent about 2 days in the mountains and I even got to leave the state!! It was really cool because where I went is a lot different from the other places in our mission. We, too, saw a massive car accident along the way, it happened right in front of us...just goes to show the importance of being careful on the highway. Today we are in Floripa because President asked us to come back for a few days because he´s going to do some activities with us and then afterwards we will go to a city close to the border of Argentina! We just found out that next week Elder Carlos Godoy of the first quorum of the 70 will come to the mission so Elder Eide and I will have to receive him and President Fernandes in the city close to Argentina, it should be a really great experience!! I hope you guys have a great trip and that you make it home safely!!
Elder Michael J. Neilson

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