Wednesday, August 8, 2012

July 16, 2012- Festa Julina

Hey Everyone!!
  This week was a pretty great and entertaining week!! We got to teach a lot of lessons and go on a lot of splits with the young men who are preparing to serve missions. The weather was bitterly cold so it was almost impossible to talk with people outside but we got into a lot of homes so it worked out great! I told you guys about a really cool family that we found a few weeks back and they are still going strong!! They are reading the Book of Mormon a lot and they know that it´s true and are talking to all their family and friends about the church now!! This Saturday we had a party at the church, it´s called ´Festa Julina´ and the entire country of Brasil has this party either duirng the month of June or July. Basically everybody dresses up as a hick and they do square dancing all night long and there is tons and tons of food! I will try to attach a video if the computer lets me. I love you all and hope that all is going great!!! Give the kids some loves!!!
Elder Michael J. Neilson
btw the video wouldn´t download but here is one photo all everyone dancing and one photo of my companion and I


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